Infant Program

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule for infants is open and flexible, this is so that while at school infants can follow their own sleeping, eating, and diapering schedule. Teachers will work with parents to find a routine that works best for the child, while also being flexible to meet their immediate needs.

7:00am Arrival

8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Free Learn

11:30am Lunch

12:15pm Nap

3:15 Snack

3:30pm Free Learn

5:00pm Departure



Children are built for exploration and play is a great way for them to not only explore their surroundings but also gain an understanding of the world around them, so when planning the activities for the group an emergent curriculum is used. This provides the opportunity for activities to be individualized to the children’s specific skills and interests. A child’s work is their play and daily activities are built around that idea. The curriculum  will be focused on play, in teacher, self, and peer directed activities. T.V. and computers will not be a regular part of the curriculum.

Rest Time

Each child in the infant room will have their own crib to sleep in. When an infant exhibits signs of being tired the teacher will lay them in their crib on their back. Blankets, pillows, and toys will not be placed in the crib with them. In colder months each infant will be provided a sleep sack appropriate to their size.


Meal Time

Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy provides nutritious and balanced breakfast, lunch, and p.m. snacks. Meals will be served family style, the children will work to prepare for meals, serve themselves, and feed themselves during meal times. Each child will be provided a water bottle, this will be available to them throughout the day.


Sunflower requires parents to notify of any known allergies. This is to ensure every child’s safety. Parents will also be required to provide any replacement foods for allergies or special dietary requirements. If you would like to bring in a substitute for your child please put it in an airtight container with a label containing your child’s name, the date.


Infants will be fed when hungry and they will be held when fed a bottle. Similac Iron Fortified Formula and bottles will be provided. Parents may also bring in labeled containers of breast milk. If substituting a different brand of formula or bottles please provide an unopened container labeled with your child’s full name. All bottles will be warmed in a hot water bath.

At 6 months, or when the family is ready, the child will transition to solid foods. They will sit in a high chair to eat and be provided age appropriate breakfast, lunch, and a p.m. snack, these will either be homemade foods or Gerber baby foods. An individual menu will be provided each week.

When children are a year old they will begin drinking whole milk in a sippy cup and will also be served meals provided by the program. They will begin using a spoon and fork independently as they work towards self feeding.