Our Policies

Enrollment Policy

It is encouraged that all families come and visit the program prior to their child’s first day. On the first day of care please bring all enrollment forms filled out and signed with an updated copy of the child’s immunization records. If along the way you need to make changes to the enrollment form (address, phone numbers, etc) please fill out the “Change of Contact Information” form. Sunflower has an open door policy, which means you are welcome to come see your child at any point throughout their day so long as it doesn’t become a disruption for the children. Unless your child has an appointment your child is expected to be dropped off by 10:00am, this provides the children with the time to transition into the day and participate in the daily activities. Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy reserves the right to change policies, the written contract, and/or terminate the child care contract at the owner’s discretion, with one month’s notice given to parents.

Termination Policy

There is a two week written notice needed for termination of the enrollment contract. At that time your last two weeks of payment are due whether your child attends child care or not. Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy
reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately or at any time for, but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay child care fees on time
  • Failure to comply with policies
  • Failure to attend regular hours as scheduled per signed contract
  • For disruptive or damaging behavior

If, after a period of time and meetings between the teacher and parents, the child is unable to adjust to the routine of the program and/or has damaging or disruptive behavior to persons or property, the child will be asked to leave and your contract will be terminated. This policy is to ensure all the children attending child care have a safe environment in which to grow and develop. Sunflower will work with parents and children as much as possible, ultimately we cannot put the other children or teachers in an unsafe situation.

Mandated Reporter Statement

The Maine Oce of Child and Family Services (OCFS) operates a 24 hr child abuse and neglect hotline. Anyone who suspects an individual of child abuse or neglect is encouraged to call the Protective Hotline: Call 1-800-452-1999 If you are deaf or hard of hearing call Maine Relay 711.
As a licensed child care provider, all teachers and staff are mandated reporters, having a legal obligation to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect immediately to Child Protective Intake Services at 1-800-452-1999 TTY
1-800-963-9490, which is also staffed 24 hrs a day.

Confidentiality Statement

Any information regarding children or their families will be kept confidential, with the exception of the state licensing department. If during the course of your association with Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy you hear things about other children, please keep in mind that this information is confidential, protected by privacy laws and must be treated as strictly confidential.

Communication Policy and Procedure

Communication Policy and Procedure

Daily: Teachers will share pictures and information on your child’s Brightwheel account on activities they participate in, meals and bottles they had, and any diapering or toileting communication necessary.

Monthly: Each month you will be sent an email with the newsletter and an invoice of payments. The newsletter will include activities that we have done along with what will be coming up for the next month’s events and activities. It will also include different songs, fingerplays, and books. If you don’t have access to a computer please let your child’s teacher know and we will provide a paper copy.

Family involvement: We will have seasonal activities for families to participate in if they are available. These activities may be during daycare hours or in the evening. Participation is optional and used as a way for parents and children to
connect with the child’s time at school and home

Child portfolios and yearly parent/teacher conferences: Portfolios marking each child’s development will be kept and updated at least quarterly. The Infant and Toddler Learning Guidelines, The Maine Early Learning Developmental Standards and the Common Core Pre-Kindergarten Learning Standards will be used to look at the child’s development across the domains. Parent teacher conferences will be offered twice a year in October and April. At the conference we will go over your child’s developmental portfolio as well as any goals you or the teachers may have for them. Parents and/or teachers can also request a meeting anytime to review or discuss the child’s development and/or behavior.


Resources Available for Developmental Screenings

Throughout the year teachers will assess children’s development and learning through various assessments and activities which will be compiled in their portfolio which will be reviewed in October and April. These screenings and assessments are done to see if children should have further evaluations for developmental concerns as well as determine how teachers can best individualize learning activities. If developmental concerns are recognized the director,
teachers, and parents will work together to determine a plan of action and which outside agencies are available for further evaluations. The teaching team will also determine if additional professional development is needed.

English Language Learners Policy

At Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy we accept learners from all ethnic backgrounds. The primary language we communicate in is English. If you communicate more comfortably in another language, please let us know. We will make every effort to make our materials and communications accessible for you in your home language. We will also incorporate your child’s language and culture into our visuals and communications as much as possible.

Group Ages and Number of Children Served

Infants – The infant classroom will consist of 2 fulltime teachers with 6 children 6 weeks to 18 months in age.
Toddlers – The toddler classroom will consist of 2 fulltime teachers with 10 children 1-2 ½ years old.
Preschoolers – The preschool classroom will consist of 3 fulltime teachers with 21 children 2 ½ – 5 years old.
There will be 2 additional assistant teachers to fill in where needed.

Guidance Policy

At Sunflower we believe in constructive, positive guidance to help children learn self regulation, self-direction, and to gain self-esteem and cooperative skills. As a teacher it is our job to teach children these skills. Sunflower will use forms of guidance that require the children to use language skills, focus on the child’s strengths, and allow individual differences to shine. Redirection, choices and positive reinforcement will be used as well as guiding children through problem solving with peers.

The Rights of Children

Children at Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy are free from emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse, neglect and exploitation. Each child has the right to freedom from harmful actions or detrimental actions to their welfare, and to practices that are potentially harmful. Each child has a right to an environment that meets their health and safety standards. Each child has the right to child care services without discrimination to race, age, national origin, religion, disability, sex, or family composition. Each child will be treated with dignity, consideration and respect in full recognition of their individuality, including the use of developmentally appropriate practices by teachers and the facility. Each child has the right to developmentally appropriate activities, materials, and equipment. Children with
disabilities have the right to reasonable modification to the child care facilities policies and practices.

Alternate Pickups

If your child needs to be picked up by someone other than a custodial parent or guardian please fill out an alternate pick up form. This will be done for each date that person will be picking up. The first time that person comes to pick up they will need to provide a photo I.D., this will not be necessary for subsequent pickups.

Oral Care Policy

In an effort to help children grow up with strong and healthy teeth the children will brush their teeth after
breakfast and lunch. Children’s toothbrushes will be provided along with CrestKids Toothpaste for children 2+, children under 2 will use a clean damp toothbrush and no toothpaste. If parents would like to provide their own toothpaste that can be determined when parents fill out the permission form. Toothbrushing is built into the daily schedule to be a fun experience for all children to participate in. Infants and toddlers will have assistance from an adult while preschoolers will work to become increasingly independent.

Toileting and Diaper Policy

Children wearing diapers will be changed regularly. Parents will provide any creams needed along with diapers and wipes. After the parents and Sunflower have discussed a plan for the child they will then begin potty training. During the potty training process they will need at least 6 changes of clothing (underwear, shirts, pants and socks). For older children not potty training, the bathroom will be available to them as needed. All children are required to have at least three full extra outfits. You will be notified if your child is running low. All children will be required to wash hands after toileting along with the teacher helping the child with their toileting/diapering needs.

Transitioning to Kindergarten

The year before – The child’s parent and the teacher will discuss developmental goals for the children to focus on before the school year begins.
The summer before – The children will work towards having a shorter quiet time instead of naptime. If possible we will visit the child’s school playground during a field trip, this will allow them to become acquainted with the school as well as create some positive experiences in the new space.

Safety, Field Trips, and Emergency Procedure

Walks: When taking walks preschool children will stay together in a line holding a walking rope. Infants and toddlers will either be in a stroller or holding hands with a teacher.
Transportation: If we are driving in the van each child will be provided an age appropriate car seat. Children under 40 lbs or under 2 years will be sitting rear-facing. Children under 5 years will remain in a five point harness.
Field trips: When we are traveling off the property to visit other places all the children will remain under teacher supervision the entire time. Parents will sign a permission form and will be alerted of departure and arrival times. Parents are encouraged to join as a chaperone.
Fire drills: Fire evacuation drills will be conducted at least once a month for all children and adults present using each means of exit, the front entrance and the classroom exits. The director will plan the date, time, and which exit to use and will alert staff beforehand. During the fire drill the director will facilitate the alarm and attendance of all children and staff. The director will then document the appropriate information on the fire drill log.
Parent Reunification: In the case an evacuation is needed in a disaster situation the following steps will be followed to reunite children with parents/guardians or emergency contact as soon as it is safe. Once children are in a safe location all efforts to directly contact parents/guardians will be made. Supervision of children will be ongoing until parents/guardians or an authorized individual picks up the children.

Immediate area threat: (fire or other major building problem) – If there is an immediate threat to the building or property and we need to evacuate the children, while under teacher supervision, we will walk together to North Yarmouth Fire-Rescue Station at 463 Walnut Hill Rd. Once there, parents/guardians will be contacted and supervision will continue until children have been picked up by authorized individuals.
Widespread threat: (chemical spill or widespread fire) -If there is a threat to the neighborhood, we will use the van(s) as transportation to the Walnut Hill Cemetery. Once there, parents/guardians will be contacted and supervision will continue until children have been picked up by authorized individuals.
Mass ordered evacuation: (a declared state of emergency) – If there is a threat which will require us to evacuate farther, the children will be transported to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 247 Walnut Hill Rd. Once there, parents/guardians will be contacted and supervision will continue until children have been picked up by authorized individuals.
Shelter in place: Children will be brought to the safest interior space depending on the type of threat. Children will remain safe and under supervision. Once the threat has passed parents/guardians will be contacted.
Severe weather: The storm and weather will be monitored. We will remain indoors until the storm has passed. If it is unsafe to remain in the building evacuation will occur to one of the previously stated locations. Parents will be contacted as soon as we have arrived at the evacuation facility. Children will remain under supervision until they have been picked up by an authorized individual.

Tick Removal Policy

Each parent/guardian will fill out a permission slip regarding how they would prefer ticks be handled. This can be altered any time by the parents.

Sunblock Policy

Starting in May sunblock will be applied to children when playing outside in the morning and afternoon.
Parents/guardians will be required to either sign a permission form for their child to use the sunblock provided (No Ad Brand) or provide their own.

Illness Policy

Should your child stay home from school?

  • If your child’s illness is contagious 
  • If your child’s temperature is over 101 degrees or has had a covid-positive close contact
  • If your child has vomited or had diarrhea two or more times in the past 24 hours
  • If your child has an unexplained rash, drainage from eyes or ears, or any troubling symptoms
  • If your child is unable to participate in daily activities
  • If your child has head lice or nits

If an illness does occur during the day the guardians will be contacted to pick up the child. A doctor’s note may be
required at the discretion of Sunflower. There is a 24 hour illness free policy. If prescription medication is required please keep your child home until they have received doses for at least 24 hours.

Covid-19 Policy

If a child or teacher tests positive they should notify the director and then are expected to quarantine per CDC
recommendations. If there is a case where other children or staff have been exposed, families will be notified.

Medication Policy

Medication can be dispensed by Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy, with authorization from a parent or
guardian. Please fill out an Authorization to Dispense Medication form. All medication must be in the original container with dosage instructions and/or the pharmacy label present. All medication will be kept in a lock box with the authorization form.

Accident & Emergency Medical Care Policy

Whether indoors or outdoors, your children are watched carefully but accidents occasionally occur. As required by the licensing rule, any injury to a child while in the care of Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy will be reported to their parent/guardian. A written copy of a completed Accident/Illness/Injury Report will be kept in the child’s file and provided to the parents/guardians. Where necessary under law the report will be forwarded to the appropriate governing agency. Guardians and state licensing staff know children are active and no amount of child proofing and supervision can prevent all injuries. However, reporting juries can help prevent them in the future by identifying injury patterns specific to the child care’s environment, and/or with a child who may need help with difficulties associated with balance, vision or foot positioning. 
Serious injuries and child death will be reported to the Child Care Licensing Unit at 1800-452-1999 within 24 hours.
If emergency medical care is necessary, we will take the following steps:
1. Attempt to contact parent/guardian.
2. Attempt to contact the child’s physician.
3. Attempt to contact any of the other persons listed on the emergency contact.
Medical attention is a guardian decision. However in the event a guardian cannot be reached Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy will act in their stead if a decision on immediate medical attention is needed. If unable to contact a parent or guardian the following steps will be taken:
1. Call another physician.
2. Call an ambulance.
3. Have the child taken to Maine Medical Center (unless otherwise stated) in the director’s company. Any of the expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the child’s parents/guardians.

Payment Policy and Schedule

ALL payments are due Friday prior to the week of service, regardless of your child’s attendance that day.  Sunflower Friends accepts cash, checks, and debit or credit card payments through Brightwheel.

 Checks should be made out to Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy and they should have the child’s name on the memo line. If there is a vacation week please include payment for both weeks the Friday prior.

Failure to make timely tuition payments will result in termination of childcare.

Payment Schedule

The following payment schedules are available:  

Weekly – every Friday 

Bi-weekly – every other Friday 

Monthly – due the first Friday of each   month

Extended Care Policy

Each family will work with the director to find the 9 hour contract that works best for them and their child. In the case that the family finds that they need additional hours of care they will have the option to complete the additional care request along with payment of $14.00. This payment can be paid prior to the date of care needed, on the day, or it will be added to the following payment invoice.