Preschool Program


Children are built for exploration and play is a great way for them to not only explore their surroundings but also gain an understanding of the world around them, so when planning the activities for the group an emergent curriculum is used. This provides the opportunity for activities to be individualized to the children’s specific skills and interests. A child’s work is their play and daily activities are built around that idea. The curriculum will be focused on play, in teacher directed, self-directed, and peer-directed activities. T.V. and computers will not be a regular part of the curriculum.

Daily Schedule

The schedule for preschool allows for activities as a whole group and plenty of time for individuals to engage in and explore a variety of activities indoors and outdoors.

7:00am Arrival

8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Morning Meeting

9:30am Free Learn

11:30am Circle Time

12:00pm Lunch

12:45pm Nap or Quiet Time

3:15pm Snack

3:30pm Free Learn

5:00pm Departure



Rest Time

Each child will have their own cot, sheet, blanket, and pillow for nap time, they may also bring in a comfort item such as a special blanket or snuggly animal. Children will lay down around 12:15 after getting a new diaper or going to the bathroom. Gentle music or a sound machine will be used and teachers may sit next to children or rub their back. There will be continuous supervision throughout nap time.

Meal Time

Sunflower Friends Early Learning Academy provides nutritious and balanced breakfast, lunch, and p.m. snacks. Meals will be served family style, the children will work to prepare meals, serve themselves, and feed themselves. Each child will be provided a water bottle, this will be available to them throughout the day.

Sunflower requires parents to notify of any known allergies. This is to ensure every child’s safety. Parents will also be required to provide any replacement foods for allergies or special dietary requirements. If you would like to bring in a substitute for your child please put it in an airtight container with a label containing your child’s name and the date. A menu will be provided upon enrollment and is also posted in each classroom and on the website.







Toileting and Diaper Policy

The bathroom will be available to them as needed. All children are required to have at least three full outfits to change into during the day. You will be notified if your child is running low. All children will be required to wash hands after toileting as well as the child care provider helping children with their toileting and diapering needs. After the parents and Sunflower have discussed a plan for the child they will then begin potty training. During the potty training process they will need at least 6 changes of clothing (underwear, shirts, pants and socks) in case of accidents.

Transitioning to Kindergarten

The year before – The child’s parent and the teacher will discuss developmental goals for the children to focus on before the school year begins.

The summer before – The children will work towards having a shorter quiet time instead of naptime. If possible we will visit the child’s school playground during a field trip, this will allow them to become acquainted with the school as well as create some positive experiences in the new space.